Lil Big Invasion


“Lil Big Invasion is an impressive first game for a solo developer. It is bright and colourful, simple to play, yet challenging, and offers replayability for leaderboard positions and achievements. With 40 levels and the replayability, there is plenty of game here for the low price tag. If you fancy something a little different to play in your down time, Lil Big Invasion is well worth checking out.”
8/10 – Girl Gamers UK
“Herding flies is actually much more rewarding than it sounds...”
PC PowerPlay
“Lil Big Invasion is one hell of a puzzle game!”
Apollo Reviews


Lil Big Invasion is an exploration based adventure game with unique puzzle solving mechanics. Awake your protective instincts and challenge your brain trying to rescue silly green guys which got lost in dangerous dungeons. Find them, keep them together and lure them with your light to a giant vacuum cleaner in order to suck them back home.

Outsmart winds, spider webs and glowing flowers. Find secret pahts and meet helpful creatures. Activate switches and win epic boss fights with the power of your light. But be aware that flying consumes light energy. So keep your light recharged, rescue those silly guys and become a firefly hero!


You are a rescuer who has been trained since youth to protect these guys from getting lost in tricky dungeons. Sounds easy but trust me it's a hard job. Especially for an aged firefly like yourself. You've been sleeping for just one second and yep, they've invaded every dungeon. It's a 'Lil Big Invasion'. Now you have to remember your rescuer training and save those poor little creatures.


• Win 5 unique boss fights
• Rescue over 400 helpless guys
• Outsmart 40 handcrafted dungeons
• Unique dungeon puzzle solving mechanics
• Throughout 5 different and exotic worlds
• Achievements + Leaderboards
• No violence thus perfect suited for gamers all ages
• Charming but also challenging (100% challenge + bonus content)

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Behind The Scenes

Note from the developer

Hi, I'm the developer of "Lil Big Invasion". Creating this game was a lot of fun - especially the sound recording sessions. But due to the fact that this is my first game there was a lot of frustration as well. I developed this game in my spare time and it took me about two years. I hope you will enjoy it :)

Studio Equipment

• Lenovo Laptop
• Ableton Push
• Samson Graphite M25
• Presonus Eris
• Wacom Bamboo

Software Equipment

• Unity3D
• Blender
• Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
• Ableton Live 9
• Birdfont
• Microsoft Windows 7

Used Software Frameworks


• Andreas Britten: Game Design, Graphics, Animation, Coding, Sound Effects, Music
• Charlotte Kiltz: Brainstorming Partner, Sound Effects
• Game tester: Andreas Gabrys, Jerome Landgräfe, Michael Küppers, Jean Kiltz, Martin Lotz

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Andreas Britten
Emmeransstr. 36
55116 Mainz, Germany